The following excerpt is quoted from the NFESC website to introduce Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center to anyone in the NST Center audience who may be unfamiliar with NFESC. Click on the below link to visit the NFESC website.

“All materials will deteriorate in time. Metals corrode in aggressive soil, industrial or chemical atmospheric or immersion environments; woods swell, warp, and crack during weathering and are susceptible to biological decay; concrete/ masonry structures crack and spall in severe environments; and organic polymeric materials suffer degradation in sunlight. Methods of deterioration control include design of components, selection of materials and components, cathodic protection, controlling the environment, use of corrosion inhibitors and of course — coatings.

The NFESC is available to perform a broad range of services in support of Naval field activities. Services are provided on a cost reimbursable basis.”

NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center