Coating Systems for AFFF Station Decks and Foundations

Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Johnathan Sarmiento checks off steps on the Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) checklist.
U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Lowell Whitman

General Overview
Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) is used to fight fuel fires onboard Navy ships. Coatings described in this section are designed for application on AFFF station decks and foundations, including under AFFF proportioning units and inside the coaming and bilge drain wells.

Surface Preparation Requirements

Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal (SSPC-SP 11)

Applicable Coatings Specifications and Approved Coatings

Product General Description

Epoxy System

Note: Additional approved coatings may be listed in periodic NAVSEA Approved Coatings messages located on the Navy Community main page.

Note: For specific details on system application refer to Table 3 in NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 "Cleaning and Painting Requirements".

U.S. Navy Guidelines and Instructions

Coating Application Process
NAVSEA 05P23 developed Preservation Process Instructions (PPIs) to document the latest requirements and procedures for coating applications. These documents contain information on cleaning, surface preparation, coating application, quality assurance requirements, checkpoints and QA inspection forms. The applicable PPIs for AFFF Stations appear below.

Preservation Process Instructions

  • PPI 63101-000 Core
  • PPI 63101-008H AFFF Stations-Deck and Foundations SSPC-SP 10 or SSPC-SP 11 (Minimum) Surface Preparation
  • PPI 63001-008L-A AFFF Stations-Deck and Foundations SSPC-SP 11 (Minimum) Surface Preparation
  • PPI 63001-008L-B AFFF Stations-Deck and Foundations SSPC-SP 11 (Minimum) Surface Preparation

Key Application Requirements
Key application requirements to be followed during preservation practices are referenced in a variety of document sources. These parameters should be considered and monitored during all preservation practices to assist in ensuring the longevity and service life expectancy of a coating. The requirements specified in the job order, ship specifications, 009-32, NSTMs, PPIs and additional repair documents have been tested and have proved the most effective measure to ensure coating service life. Some of the requirements referenced include environmental and quality assurance monitoring such as dehumidification, temperature, surface profile measurements and coating thickness measurements. For more information on these parameters, see Key Application Requirements.

Repair Requirements

Ship's Force Ship's force personnel are primarily responsible for maintaining coating system integrity on AFFF station decks between maintenance availabilities. Naval Ships Technical Manuals are the primary source of information for ship's force personnel. The applicable Chapters for surface ship preservation are listed below.

Naval Ships Technical Manual (NSTM) Chapter 631

  • Volume 1    Preservation of Ships in Service

Repair Activities

The Standard Specification for Ship Repair and Alteration Committee (SSRAC) is responsible for providing technically and contractually sound standards for the Navy's ship repair and alteration community. The NAVSEA Standard Item applicable to surface ship preservation is Standard Item 009-32, "Cleaning and Painting Requirements." It contains cleanliness, surface preparation, and coating application requirements, along with complete system application instructions for each product (number of coats, coating thickness per coat, etc.) approved for AFFF station deck preservation.

All current NAVSEA Standard Items may be found here.

New Construction Ships
New construction ship AFFF station decks are painted in accordance with the specific Ship Specification for that class of ship.

NAVSEA Coating Area Point of Contact:

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