Submarine Fresh Water Drain Collecting and Reserve Feedwater Tank

General Overview
Submarine coatings discussed in this section are for fresh water drain collecting and reserve feedwater tank preservation. These tanks have unique coating requirements that are more stringent than for other tanks because they store very pure water and because zinc sacrificial anodes cannot be installed in them to provide cathodic protection.

Fresh water drain collecting and reserve feedwater tanks are coated with an epoxy polyamide coating (MIL-DTL-24441 Type III). MIL-DTL-24441 Type IV coatings are prohibited in these tanks. Specific requirements, such as maintaining a temperature of 70°F during application, are detailed in NSTM Chapter 631. Cold-cure touch-up paints are not to be applied to reserve feedwater tanks. In addition, powder coatings on tank manhole covers are unacceptable. Other restrictions include a prohibition of spray application of coatings in freshwater drain collecting tanks.

Damaged coatings with a Grade B or worse condition require complete replacement. For tank coating condition assessment requirements, refer to Maintenance Standard 6310-081-015 - Submarine Preservation (SMS).

Depot level personnel conduct maintenance in fresh water drain collecting and reserve feedwater tanks during maintenance availabilities. Stripe coating is required for applications in these tanks. Only coatings listed in the SMS may be used. All coatings used in critical coated areas must be receipt inspected.  Scheduling must be coordinated for URO inspections.

New Technology Areas
(Only coatings approved by NAVSEA for use on submarines may be applied.)
Improved Surface Preparation
Enhanced surface preparation has been instituted, including strict adherence to surface preparation standards (SSPC/NACE/ASTM). Power tool cleaning and Sponge-Jet blasting are approved as surface preparation methods.

Quality Assurance
Independent third-party QA oversight at key points during the process and in-house (first-party) QA monitoring of the preservation process by NACE or NBPI-qualified inspectors is vital to achieving the design life expectancy of these new systems. Government oversight should not replace in-house QA process monitoring by NACE or NBPI-qualified inspectors.

U.S. Navy Coating Application Process Repair Requirements
Submarine Maintenance Standard MS NO. 6310-081-015 "Submarine Preservation" (Official Use Only)
The SMS for submarine preservation is the governing technical document for submarine preservation and maintenance. This document consolidates requirements into a single standard and is dedicated to the proper application and maintenance of coatings on U.S. Navy submarines. Requirements listed in the SMS provide guidance for Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMAs), Naval Shipyards, and contractors.

The SMS does not supersede NSTM 631. However, in instances where requirements specified are conflicting, the SMS governs. This also applies to DDGOS, MRCs, MSs, and individual ships' Paint Schedule requirements.

Submarine Maintenance Standard MS NO. 6310-081-015 shall be referred to for all application and QA/QC requirements and all information for submarine preservation shall be verified per application documents prior to any work being performed.

Applicable Coatings Specifications and Approved Coatings for Fresh Water Drain Collecting and Reserve Feedwater Tanks

For specific details on system application, refer the Submarine Maintenance Standard MS NO. 6310-081-015 "Submarine Preservation" (For Official Use Only).

Naval Ships' Technical Manual (NSTM)
The NSTM is referenced in the SMS for various preservation requirements. The applicable Chapters for preservation are listed below.

Naval Ships' Technical Manual (NSTM) Chapter 631

  • Volume 1  Preservation of Ships in Service - General

Additional Fresh Water Drain Collecting and Reserve Feedwater Tank Preservation Requirement References
UIPI 6311-460

  • Provides application guidance for high-solids coating systems
NAVSEA 0989-064-3000 (Cleanliness Requirements for Nuclear Propulsion Plant Maintenance by Forces Afloat)
  • Provides application cleanliness requirements
NAVSEAINST 9210.36 (Steam Plant Cleanliness Control)
  • Provides application cleanliness requirements

Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement Activity (SUBMEPP)
SUBMEPP provides centralized life-cycle maintenance solutions and support for U.S. Navy submarines and submersibles. SUBMEPP is under the Submarine Directorate of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).

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The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA 05) is the technical authority for in-service submarine preservation-related work.

Point of Contact
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