LHA 5 Flight Deck
June 7, 2017. Cmdr. David Nelson observes and directs Landing Craft
Air Cushion(LCAC) 10, assigned to Naval Beach Unit 7, as it enters the
well deck of the amphibious transport dock ship USS Green Bay
(LPD 20). U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class
Sarah Myers/Released.

The well deck on amphibious ships is located in the aft-most portion of the ship. It is a large open area used for amphibious equipment and vehicle storage and staging. It is designed to be flooded during amphibious operations to launch and recover landing craft and other amphibious vehicles. During these operations, the stern gate is opened and amphibious vehicles enter and exit through the stern opening.

Typical Coatings Used

Coatings described in this section are designed for use in the well deck areas of U.S. Navy amphibious ships. This large, interior, tank-like area is coated with an anti-corrosive primer and top coated with an epoxy system. Coating systems must be capable of withstanding this corrosive environment, and must retain their properties when subjected to the hot gas turbine exhaust of amphibious vehicles.


The primer is a high-solids, edge-retentive epoxy coating qualified to MIL-PRF-23236, Coating Systems for Ship Structures. NSI 009-32 recommends the use of MIL-PRF-23236, Type VII, Class 19 for well deck overheads.


The topcoat consists of a high-solids, edge-retentive epoxy coating qualified to MIL-PRF-23236. For well deck overheads, NSI 009-32 recommends the use of MIL-PRF-23236, Type VII, Class 19 over a prime coat of the same, or a single coat of Type VII, Class 19/18. For non-overhead well deck surfaces, a single coat of MIL-PRF-23236, Type VII, Class 7/18 is recommended.

Surface Preparation

To ensure coating adhesion, special attention should be paid to the surface preparation in accordance with NSI 009-32. Prior to abrasive blasting, the well deck area should be given a low-pressure (3,000-5,000 PSI) fresh water washdown to remove dirt, oil, grease, salts, and loosely adherent paint. Following fresh water washdown, abrasive blasting in accordance with SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. 2, Near-White Blast Cleaning is required.


NSI 009-32 is the governing document for preservation requirements. Permitted coatings are specified in Table 2. All well deck coating system preservation efforts must be accomplished in accordance with NSI 009-32.

Ship’s Force Repairs

Ship’s force personnel are responsible for the well deck coating system integrity until repair activity maintenance is scheduled. Naval Ships Technical Manual: Chapter 631 (NSTM 631), Preservation of Ships in Service – General provides requirements, instructions, and guidance for surface preparation and coating application.

New Construction Installation

New construction ships are painted in accordance with the ship build specification for that class of ship.

NAVSEA Coating Area Point of Contact

Mr. Mark Ingle
Naval Sea Systems Command, SEA 05P23
Phone: (202) 781-3665
Email: mark.w.ingle@navy.mil