NAVSEA 05S and NAVSEA 05P2 are responsible for reviewing the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) facility audit report and informing the manufacturer by letter of the outcome of the audit review. If the results are deemed acceptable, the manufacturer will be authorized to proceed with product testing. Otherwise, the manufacturer will have the opportunity to resolve any issues discovered during the audit.

Product testing will be conducted at the testing facility (or facilities if more than one) specified in the authorization letter. The authorization letter will also provide information regarding which DCMA office will be responsible for oversight of each testing location. All product testing will be accomplished under the supervision of a DCMA representative. Normally, the product manufacturer pays all costs associated with testing.

Qualification testing will be conducted in accordance with the applicable military specification. The products used during qualification testing shall be materials drawn from regular production stock. If at any time the product fails to meet any of the specification’s requirements, qualification testing may be discontinued at the discretion of the testing laboratory.

Please review the SD-6 Provisions Governing Qualification document for additional guidance regarding product testing. Product testing inquiries can be emailed to