Military Specification

To view or download a military or federal specification, go to the ASSIST Quick Search website. Quick Search provides several ways to search for documents. The simplest way to search for a specification is by entering the document number in the corresponding text box. For example, to retrieve the latest version of MIL-PRF-24647, type in ‘24647’ in the “Document Number” text box. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the site, click here.

Qualified Product List
Access the qualified product lists from the Qualified Product Database (QPD). On the QPD site, enter just the document number in the “Search for” box, choose the document number option in the “Search by” drop down list, and click the Search button. Select the governing specification to see the associated qualified product list. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the site, click here.

Search ASTM F718s by Specification

When searching by document number, enter the entire document number in the search box below. For example, enter “23236" (without quotes) in the search box for MIL-PRF-23236. If you want to browse an ASTM F718 document tree for military specifications that contain the number “2”, enter “2” in the search box.

Use the Site-Wide Search Feature

If you’re looking for additional content regarding a particular specification, try performing a site-wide search by entering your search text in the NST Center’s search box located on the right side of the page’s header section.

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