Ship classes with passive countermeasure system (PCMS) tiles installed should have a durable, chemical resistant coating applied to the substrate for corrosion protection prior to tile installation.

Typical Coatings Used

New PCMS Installations

Before the new PCMS tiles are installed, the substrate must be prepared and coated with an anti-corrosive paint system. NAVSEA Standard Item (NSI) 009-32, Table 5 requires a coating system qualified to performance specification ML-PRF-23236, Coating Systems for Ship Structures. Authorized MIL-PRF 23236 coating systems include Type V, VI or VII; Class 5 or 7. As an alternative, a single coat of Type VII, Class 5/18 or 7/18 is authorized.

Topcoat Repairs, and Touch-ups

Painting of PCMS tiles is not authorized on ships that are designated as no-paint PCMS ships. For paint-allowed PCMS ships, the color of the paint used on the PCMS tiles must match the surrounding surfaces. Existing PCMS topcoats must be removed prior to any repainting in accordance with the PCMS Repair and Installation Methods (RIM) 05T1-99 publication.

Surface Preparation

To ensure proper coating adhesion, special attention must be paid to the surface preparation of the substrate. For new PCMS installations, NSI 009-32 requires that surface cleanliness meet the SSPC-SP 10/NACE 2, Near-White Metal Blast standard. For represervation, existing paint shall be removed using “Peel-Away 7” paint stripper, plastic media blasting, or sodium bicarbonate media blasting, as described in the latest edition of the PCMS RIM 05T1-99 publication.

Depot Repairs

Surface coating preservation prior to new PCMS installation must be accomplished in accordance with NSI 009-32.

Ship’s Force Repairs

PCMS tile topcoats shall be applied, repaired, and touched-up in accordance with the PCMS RIM 05T1-99 publication.

New Construction Ships

New construction ships are painted in accordance with the ship build specification for that class of ship.