USS OHIO (SSGN 726) in drydock at Puget Sound
Naval Shipyard. U.S. Navy photo.

This section reviews the anticorrosive and antifouling coating systems specified for submarine underwater hull preservation. The underwater hull of a submarine is defined as the exterior area on the submarine below the waterline. This is considered a critical coated area because coating damage or failure cannot be seen without dry-docking.

Typical Coatings Used

Antifouling coatings are applied on top of the anticorrosive on exterior surfaces to prevent marine growth. The underwater hull of submarines are coated with an anticorrosive and antifouling paint system. The anticorrosive component of the coating system protects the substrate from the seawater, while the antifouling paint is necessary to help reduce drag in the water. The anticorrosive and antifouling coating system used should be in accordance with MIL-PRF-23236, Coatings Systems for Ship Structures, MIL-DTL-24441, Paint, Epoxy-Polyamide, General Specification for, and MIL-PRF-24647, Paint System, Anticorrosive and Antifouling, Ship Hull as specified in Submarine Maintenance Standard (SMS) 6310-081-015 – Submarine Preservation and NAVSEA Standard Item (NSI) 009-32.

The exterior hull with SHT (Special Hull Treatment) installed, the David Taylor Research Center paint system (DTRC 2844-1110 and 2844-1109) may be used on the hull beneath and adjacent to SHT surfaces. A coating qualified to MIL-DTL-24631A Navy Formula 187 is applied on top of SHT surfaces.

Specific guidance on the application and repair of nonskid deck paint applied over SHT/MIP-SHT

SSN-688 Class – Technical Handbook for Special Hull Treatment Maintenance and Repair for Submarines: NAVSEA S6360-AD-HBK-010. For Fairing Compound, use NAVSEA Drawing 605-6160358.

SSN-21 Class – Submarine Mold-in-Place Special Hull Treatment a and Repair Manual: NAVSEA S6360-AN-MMA-010/SHT

SSN-774 Class – Maintenance and Repair Manual for Virginia Class Submarine Mold-in-Place Special Hull Treatment: NAVSEA S6360-AV-MMA-010

Surface Preparation

According to NSI 009-32, the underwater hull is considered a critical coated area. To ensure proper coating adhesion, special attention should be paid to surface preparation of this area. All surface preparation work must be accomplished in accordance with NSI 009-32 and Submarine Maintenance Standard (SMS) 6310-081-015 – Submarine Preservation.

Depot Repairs

For Depot repairs, refer to Submarine Maintenance Standard (SMS) 6310-081-015 – Submarine Preservation and NSI 009-32 is the governing document for preservation requirements.

Submariner Repairs

Submariners are primarily responsible for maintaining the submarine’s underwater hull coating system until repair activity maintenance is scheduled. Naval Ships Technical Manual: Chapter 631 (NSTM 631), Preservation of Ships in Service – General provides requirements, instructions, and guidance for surface preparation and coating application.

New Construction

New construction ships are painted in accordance with the ship build specification for that class of submarine.

SUBMEPP Point of Contact

SUBMEPP provides centralized life-cycle maintenance solutions and support for U.S. Navy submarines and submersibles. SUBMEPP is under the Submarine Directorate of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).

Brandon Wohl
(207) 438-6198

NAVSEA Point of Contact

The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA 05) is the technical authority for in-service submarine preservation-related work.

Kevin Klucher
Naval Sea Systems Command, SEA 05
(202) 618-4167