Manufacturers interested in qualifying a coating system for U.S. Navy use are recommended to conduct a thorough in-house product review. The following checklist was developed to assist in this review. This is not an all-inclusive checklist and should only be used as a reference.

Product Assessment Checklist

  • Is the product designed for, or already used in, the commercial maritime or heavy industry sector?
  • The manufacturer must perform preliminary product testing to ensure the product conforms to the applicable specification. Does the product meet all the requirements of the specification?
  • Has a market analysis been accomplished to determine the Navy’s annual usage, qualified product suppliers, and average product price?
  • What is the cost to manufacture the product?
  • How much product is your facility capable of producing? Will that meet the market share required to meet profit goals?
  • What would be the proposed price offered to the U.S. Navy and its repair and new construction contractors?
  • Is that price competitive with the current market? Note, the cost basis should be determined by the calculated area of coverage at the required mil thickness and not on a per gallon basis.
  • What would product testing cost? A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) can be determined by contacting an independent test facility.
  • How long would it take to receive a return on this investment?
  • What is the coating system’s future outlook? Is technology shifting to other product types?
  • What product distribution network is required?
  • Would the product be offered through the GSA “Superstore”? If so, is the GSA process known and thoroughly understood? Visit the following website for information on this process:
  • What other products of this type are available through the GSA?

If a product does not meet the Navy’s qualification and conformance requirements, it might be beneficial to check other DoD specifications and subsequent applications.