The QPL is an electronic list of products that have met the qualification requirements stated in the applicable specification. Each item on the list includes the manufacturer’s product designation, name, corporate address, plant address, point-of-contact information, as well as additional product notes.

After NAVSEA 05S and NAVSEA 05P2 have determined a coating product conforms to all requirements of the applicable specification, the manufacturer will be notified by letter that their product has been approved for inclusion on the QPL.

You may email with your questions pertaining to any QPL for which NAVSEA is responsible.

View the QPL

The most direct way to view or print the QPL for a given specification is to visit the Qualified Products Database. Enter the specification’s document number in the “Search for” box, choose the document number option in the “Search by” drop down list, and click the Search button. Select the governing specification to see the associated QPL.

You can find a list of federal and military coating specifications with links to NAVSEA reviewed ASTM F718s and links to the specification’s QPL at the NST Center’s ASTM F718 page.