Prepare & Submit Application for Qualification Testing

Before the manufacturer prepares the qualification application, it is strongly recommended they become familiar with the SD-6 Provisions Governing Qualification document. This document provides guidance to manufacturers and distributors who are interested in submitting their coating product for qualification by the DoD. The document discusses the qualification program in detail, including its policies, procedures, and testing requirements.

Please click here to view/download the Application for Qualification Testing Form. NAVSEA 05S or 05P2 may request that the test reports and data collected during the manufacturer’s preliminary testing be submitted along with the application, product data sheet, and safety data sheet.

For application submission instructions or any other application related inquiries, send an email to

NAVSEA Application Review

NAVSEA 05S and NAVSEA 05P2 will review the application along with the preliminary test reports and testing data. The manufacturer will be notified by letter of the results of the application review process. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the basis for the rejection and may reapply after the causes of rejection have been addressed. For successful applicants, NAVSEA 05S will request a capability survey (DCMA audit) of the applicant’s plant to determine if the facilities have the technical, production, and quality control procedures in place to manufacture products that meet the requirements of the applicable specification.