All laboratory tests required by the applicable specification will be performed, unless testing is terminated early due to failure of the coating system to meet a requirement. The test report must be prepared regardless of whether the samples pass or fail the required tests.

The manufacturer or testing laboratory is responsible for preparing the test reports according to the instructions found in SD-6 Provisions for Governing Qualification. The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) representative will certify each copy of the test report. The representative’s certification does not constitute product approval but describes the extent of observation dedicated to the testing process and affirms the DCMA representative witnessed the qualification testing.

The DCMA representative will forward the qualification test report to NAVSEA for technical review. If the manufacturer has any questions, they should refer back to the product testing authorization letter or send an email to

NAVSEA Technical Review

NAVSEA 05P2 will review the qualification test report and the NMCPHC health hazard assessment to determine if the coating product meets the applicable specification’s requirements. The manufacturer will be notified in writing of the outcome of the technical review. If testing was terminated early or the coating product was not approved, the manufacturer will be given the opportunity to correct the issues or defects discovered during qualification testing and request authorization to retest. If the technical review’s results are favorable, the next course of action depends on whether the specification the coating product is being qualified to requires a fleet service test. If a fleet service test is required, the government will coordinate or conduct an in-service test, followed by a technical review of the in-service test results prior to placement on the qualified products list (QPL). If a fleet service test is not required, the product will be approved for inclusion on the QPL.