The NST Center has developed this road map to serve as an overview of the process of qualifying a coating system to a military specification for approval and inclusion in the qualified products list. The road map is designed to provide a start to finish series of steps to guide the manufacturer through the qualification process. The coating approval process road map provides the following:

  • Guidance in determining the appropriate specification that matches the coating product
  • A product assessment checklist to determine if a product meets a Navy need and whether applying for qualification is economically feasible
  • Identification of the roles and responsibilities of the manufacturer, Navy, and other DoD organizations
  • Links to the qualification application form and SD-6 Provisions Governing Qualification document

The road map is an interactive process approval flow diagram that outlines the major steps involved in the qualification pathway and provides links to detailed information about each step. In general, each step describes the actions required by the manufacturer and/or government organizations, in addition to providing government point-of-contact information.

Feel free to contact the NST Center staff at for general information, process clarification, or other assistance.

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