NAVSEA Standard Item 009-124, Thermal Spray NonSkid Application; accomplish, is the official reference document for Thermal Spray Nonskid (TSN) operations.

The FY21 Change 1 version of NAVSEA Standard Item 009-124 and QA Appendices can be accessed in the table below. If you wish to view other standard items, visit the NAVSEA Standard Specifications for Ship Repair and Alteration Committee (SSRAC) website.

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Standard Item 009-124 FY21 CH 1 Appendices 1 – 8 (1 PDF document)
QA Appendices A-B (1 PDF)
QA Appendices 1-7a (1 PDF)
Appendix 8
Appendix 9
QA Appendices A-B (1 PDF)
Standard Item 009-124 FY20 CH 1 Included in FY20 CH 1 QA Appendices 1-7a (1 PDF)