The Naval Ships’ Technical Manual (NSTM) provides technical information to personnel involved in supervision, operation, and maintenance of U.S. Navy ships and submarines. The various chapters and volumes of the NSTM contain detailed administrative and technical instructions that augment other authoritative documents. The instructions are designed to assist ship’s force in the management of ships and shipboard machinery and equipment in order to ensure mission readiness, maximize the service life of each ship, and minimize life cycle costs.

Below is a list of NSTM chapters that provide technical information with respect to coating preservation topics.

  • Chapter 631 provides information, requirements, and instructions for prevention of corrosion and deterioration of in-service ships through surface preparation, painting, and application of other preventative measures.
  • Chapter 633 provides information on the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of cathodic protection systems used on active U.S. Navy ships, submarines, boats, and other craft.
  • Chapter 634 contains information on the installation and maintenance of deck coverings, gratings, and caulking compounds used for sealing deck seams.

How to Obtain Technical Documents

The following conditions must be met before requesting access and obtaining an NSTM document:

  1. You must be a government employee or a government contractor.
  2. You must possess a valid government-issued CAC card and PKI certificate.

On-line access to digital technical manuals is available via Technical Data Management Information System (TDMIS). Please visit the NSWC Port Hueneme website for information regarding TDMIS access and registration.

Refer questions, inquiries, or problems to:

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division
DSN 296-0669, Commercial (805)228-0669
or submit a Customer Service Request.